Need to just relax and be pampered? Then AromaTouch is for you! The AromaTouch Technique is an essential oil application technique developed by Dr. David K. Hill, an expert in the science and use of essential oils, in response to an increasing demand for a simple, yet effective way to apply essential oils with meaningful results. Drawing on his medical background, and years of personal experience applying essential oils to himself and others, Dr. Hill selected eight individual essential oils and oil blends that have demonstrated profound effects on four conditions that constantly challenge the ability of the body’s systems to function optimally: stress, increased toxin levels, inflammation, and autonomic nervous system function. Coupled with these powerful essential oils, Dr. Hill developed a system of simple massage application methods that would enable these oils to reach the optimal areas within the body that would allow them to help combat stress, enhance immune function, decrease inflammation, and balance the autonomic nervous system within the recipient. AromaTouch™ is done on the back, neck, shoulders, head and feet. It is incredibly relaxing and balancing.

At Touchstone Health, we only use dōTerra Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils.