Harness the Power of Nature with Expert Herbology Consultations

The Touchstone Health team is skilled in the healing power of plants, offering herbology consultations, products and services to supplement our goal of improving the health and quality of life of Calgary residents.

In conjunction with proper nutrition, healing herbs work with our body’s natural healing and self-regulating abilities. Herbs have significant healing powers and have been used for millennia with amazing results in treating a huge range of health issues and imbalances.

What is Herbology?

Herbology, simply put, is the study of the medicinal and health-promoting properties of plants. It is sometimes referred to as herbalism, and is part of a tradition dating back to ancient times in a variety of cultures. Herbology is a system which seeks to improve health through the identification and application of entire plants or various parts of plants, from the leaves, stems to the roots, bark and flowers.

Herbology is a complex traditional medicinal system that uses the simple and effective properties of accessible plants to treat a variety of illnesses and promote health and well-being in individuals. While it is ancient in origin, much of the world’s peoples still rely on plants as a source of medicine.

Herbology is a tradition that relates to a variety of existing medical systems, from modern Western biomedical science to Chinese and Ayurvedic (Indian) medicine. Each system brings unique knowledge and wisdom to the application of plant-based medicine with respect to overall health.

How Does Herbology Work?

Herbology uses the various properties of plants to both treat specific health issues and encourage overall health in a holistic manner. In addition, herbology emphasises the preventative aspect of medicine. Herbology seeks to understand the natural physical, emotional and spiritual balance within one’s body in order to rectify any imbalances with the right herbs.

When your body is in proper balance, it is able to use its powerful natural healing systems to resist disease and address any issues. The most important bodily systems that are addressed through herbology are the digestive tract, sleep patterns, and elimination processes.

Essentially, herbology uses the body’s natural healing mechanisms as a guide in restoring this balance, and promoting health. Certain herbs are used in various ways to alleviate the underlying cause of the health issue in conjunction with the body’s own healing. Acute symptoms can also be treated, but the focus is generally on root causes and overall well-being.

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